Safety, Environment and Sustainability

Be Prepared and Stay Safe!

Health and Safety is Saint John Energy's number one priority. Click here to read our Health and Safety Policy.

The safety of our employees, customers and community is more important to us than any business interest. It’s not just a priority, but a value that guides our business practices every day.

With 13 substations, 22,000 poles and over 750km of overhead and underground distribution line to maintain, we continuously work to exceed safety benchmarks within our industry.

Electricity is an essential but dangerous element we encounter every day. Carefully handling electronic appliances, devices and electrical issues within and around your home is an important part of keeping you and your family safe.

Safety In the Yard and Community

Call Before You Dig – 1-866-DIG-LINE
Minimum Working & Building Distances

Vegetation Management

Vegetation Around Power Lines
Tree Trimming, Pruning & Removal

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

Please click here to read our document on frequently asked questions about EMF.

Out & About

Walking & Driving
Utility Poles
Padmount Transformers

Your Safety In the Home

Here are a few important safety tips for indoor electrical use.

Living Room
Kitchen & Bathroom
Shop & Porch

Environment & Sustainability

Sustainable Electricity Company™ designation demonstrates our commitment to sustainability through a holistic approach to addressing sustainability issues, including environmental, societal, and economic challenges and opportunities.

The designation requires utilities to conform to the internationally-recognized ISO 14001 standard on Environmental Management Systems and ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility. Together, they provide a platform for identifying and addressing key strategic sustainability risks and opportunities related to environmental, social and economic issues.

Click here to review our Sustainability Policy and our Environmental Policy.

Sustainable Electricity is an industry-wide initiative developed and implemented by the electric utility members of Electricity Canada. By focusing on a three pronged vision of sustainability – environment, society and the economy – the electricity industry takes a holistic approach to managing its impacts and securing its collective future. Click here for more information about the Sustainable Electricity Program.

Saint John Energy is ISO 14001 certified and was recertified to March 2025 following the February 2022 audit.