Home Heat Saver

Coming This Fall: Home Heat Saver

With a number of older homes in Saint John, we know many of our customers struggle with heat loss. We want to help members of our community conserve energy, save money on their power bill, and contribute to a greener Saint John. 

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We’ve partnered with Natural Resources Canada, University of New Brunswick and Calgary-based MyHEAT to create the Home Heat Saver, a campaign to help our customers better understand how much heat is escaping their homes and what they can do about it.

How It Will Work

Soon, our customers with a house in Saint John will be able to see exactly where heat is escaping. Customers will be able to log into their Saint John Energy account and view a personalized and private thermal image of their rooftop – their Heat Loss Map – allowing them to pinpoint exactly where they are losing heat. Depending on how much heat is escaping, homes will be given a Heat Loss Score of 1-10, with those rated 6-10 showing the most opportunities to improve their efficiency. We’ll help those with a high Heat Loss Score connect with rebate programs, efficiency services and innovative products to improve their home’s efficiency.

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