We have a rich legacy to build on, with more than 95 years of excellence in energy solutions. At the same time, we are always looking forward, seeking new opportunities to innovate and improve the way we provide value to our customers and stakeholders.

We were formed in 1922 by the people of Saint John, for the people – as a result of a local group of citizens interested in having low-cost electric power for the city.  Since then, we have proudly served our community, offering rates that are consistently among the most competitive in Atlantic Canada. 

The following timeline describes the key milestones that have shaped our organization over the decades.


The mini split ductless heat pump rental program won the ENERGYSTAR® "Most Efficient" Promoter of the Year and was honoured by Natural Resources Canada.


Launched our mini split ductless heat pump rental program geared at providing customers with choice for their home comfort needs. Accomplished the goal of our  electrical distribution system to be PCB free (<50ppm).


Upgraded all 7000 streetlights in the City of Saint John to high efficiency, low energy consumption LED lighting. Installed 26 photovoltaic technology lights along the 1.38km Lily Lake Trail in Rockwood Park.


At the Union Street Substation, we replaced the aging infrastructure and invested in the latest technologies. A new transformer was installed to increase capacity and reliability for our growing uptown area.


Our Westmorland substation was energized allowing us to better serve the growing retail area in East Saint John through increased capacity and reliability.


We celebrated 90 years of service to the people of Saint John.


After more than 80 years based in Uptown Saint John, we moved to our current headquarters on the West Side of Saint John, 325 Simms Street.


For the sixth year in a row, we were rated as one of the top five utilities in Canada (<500 employees category) by the Canadian Electricity Association for our health and safety record.


A total peak demand of 289 Mega Volt-Amperes (MVA) was recorded, our largest peak to date.


Saint John Energy’s SCADA system was used for the first time to remotely operate a substation’s breakers.


After a successful audit of our Environmental Management System, we received ISO 14001 certification, an international standard of effective environmental performance.


We changed our brand name from "Civic Hydro" to "Saint John Energy," to proudly identify with the community we serve.


We began to use handheld electronic meter reading devices.


On February 2, we overcame one of the largest winter storms in our history, known as “The Groundhog Gale.”


We began offering our Water Heater rental plan – a popular customer service to this day.


After Civic Hydro merged its power system with another Saint John-based distribution system the previous year, our energy sales jumped to 70-million kilowatt hours.


By the end of the year, our customers numbered 1,842.


Our first substation transformer was energized at Cranston Avenue, staffed by three power operators providing 24-hour supervision.


We were established by Saint John Common Council on December 5, 1922 as the Power Commission of the City of Saint John, or “Civic Hydro.”