Heat Pump Rentals

6-month Credit on Refurbished Fujitsu Heat Pump Installs!

Available options 9,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, and 15,000 BTU

First 50 Refurbished Fujitsu heat pump installations will be entered for a change to win a 55-inch Samsung QLED Quantum 4K Smart TV.

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Tips to prep your heat pump for the cold weather:

  1. Clean your filters.  It is important to clean the filters because the heat pump needs good airflow in order to work properly, especially in these cold temperatures. Keeping your filters clean and doing so on a regular basis will keep your system working efficiently all year round.
  2. Check your heat pump setting:  Make sure the heat mode set is turned as well as the fan setting to auto.  Make sure the setting is not on energy savings mode.
  3. Check around the outside compressor. Make sure the outside compressor unit is clear of snow and ice throughout the winter months. It is normal for the entire coil to be covered in a white frost, even light ice, during certain weather conditions.
  4. Set your inside temperatures.  It is recommended to set the heat pump temperature as you would normally and make sure your primarily heating system is set 1 or 2 degrees below. The heat pump will begin to perform and heat your home better when the temperature changes outside.


Instant Home Comfort Without the Upfront Cost.

Our heat pump rental program is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home. You’ll benefit from instant home comfort without the upfront costs ­– and you could start saving on your power bill right away. Dollar for dollar, mini-split heat pumps are the best return on investment for greener energy products and energy savings.

With a mini-split ductless heat pump, you can:

  • Enjoy home comfort in every season, with air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter
  • Save money and contribute to a greener community – our heat pumps are around 300% more efficient than electric baseboards
  • Get money back with rebates through NB Power’s Total Home Energy Savings Program

Heat Pump Rental Details

Rentals start as low as $53.21/month.

For more details download our rate manual.

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Ready to rent? Review our rental agreement and if you live outside of Saint John, you'll also need to complete a pre-authorized payment plan agreement.


Heat pump rental customers are eligible for rebates of up to $400 per unit through NB Power's Total Home Energy Savings Program. To learn more about these money-saving rebates, click here.

Heat Pump Operational Support


Product Overview English version | Version française

Owners Manual English version | Version française

Watch video to see how to use your LG heat pump remote here.

Watch video to learn how to clean the air filter on a LG heat pump here.

App support for LG ThinkQ: Web | T: 1-888-542-2623


Product Overview English version | Version française

Watch video to learn how to clean the air filter on a Fujitsu heat pump here.

Owners Manual by model number (found on the heat pump inside your home or on your contract):

App support for Fujitsu FGLair: Web | T: 1-866-952-8324


Product Overview English version | Version française

Watch video to see how to use your Panasonic heat pump remote here.

Watch video to learn how to maintain a Panasonic heat pump here.

Owners Manual English version | Version française

App support for Panasonic Comfort Cloud: Web | T:  1-800-669-5165 – Option 2

Frequently Asked Questions on Our Heat Pump Rental Program

1. What if I sell my home?
2. Can I get more than one?
3. What is included in a free home assessment?
4. What does the rental payment include?
5. Is there a minimum rental?
6. Can I put one in my garage?
7. Will your service cover it if a tree falls on my unit?
8. Who owns the heat pump?
9. Is the installer of the Mini Split Ductless Heat Pumps a local New Brunswick business?
10. If I don’t want to rent, what can I do?
11. Can a business rent a Mini Split Ductless Heat Pump?
12. Can my Mini Split be the only source of heat for the installation location?
13. Is there a buyout option after the three years is up?
14. What type of heat pump is available through the rental program?

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Use Your Heat Pump

1. Should you use Energy Saving Mode?
2. Should you use the room occupancy sensor?
3. Should you use the auto function?
4. Should you “set it and forget it”?
5. Should you adjust the temperature up and down when you are not at home or sleeping?
6. How often do you clean your filters?
7. What temperature is the unit rated for?
8. Should you turn the unit off at -26 so it doesn’t break?
9. How much more efficient is the heat pump compared to electric baseboard?
10. At what temperature does the efficiency of the unit equal the efficiency of baseboard heaters?
11. Does it cost more to run the heat pump than baseboard heaters at a certain temperature?
12. If the unit is frozen outside, how do you thaw it?
13. Does the remote come pre-programmed?