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Saint John Energy

Tree Pruning, Trimming, and Removal

Why it is Necessary:

Saint John Energy understands the importance of trees in our city. Unfortunately, sometimes Saint John Energy’s ability to provide excellence in electricity delivery is impeded by the growth of trees. Fallen or overgrown trees on power lines are dangerous, and affect the safety, reliability and maintenance of our service. In order to prevent fallen or overgrown trees Saint John Energy maintains a vegetation management program cycle around power lines by trimming or removing trees.

The Dangers of Fallen Trees:

If a tree falls onto a power line it could create an electrical hazard and cause damage, it can tear down the line, break the poles, cause power outages, or start a fire. If you see a line down or trees on top of a line please remain at a safe distance (minimum 10 meters), and call Saint John Energy at (506) 658-5252 and secure the area until Saint John Energy arrives. Do not go near the line or tree and warn others of the danger.

How will the Trees be cut?

Our tree trimming experts decide the best solution for the specific situation. While trying to trim sufficient clearance for the tree to remain at a safe distance until the next routine maintenance cycle they also attempt to protect the health of the tree and avoid damage. Our tree trimmers are trained to know the proper techniques to be able to redirect the growth away from the distribution power lines. Although, the pruning techniques may result in an uneven shape, by pruning properly and effectively, we are minimizing the chance of electrical hazards. Unfortunately, some trees have to be removed completely because they become too large and close to the power lines that pruning would be too severe. We try to do everything we can before completely removing a tree.

Power Outages

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