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I am moving. How do I transfer my power?

Please give us a minimum of 48 hours’ notice, so we can arrange to have your meter read and your account appropriately revised. You will receive a final bill for your prior residence. Also, please update your financial institution and / or telephone banking records with your new account number. Note: Meters are not read on weekends or holidays.

Do I have to visit your office to transfer my power to a new address?

As long as you have an active account with Saint John Energy, our customer service representatives will be pleased to verify your personal information and transfer your account information by phone or email. Please call us at (506) 658-5252 or toll-free at 1-877-907-5550.

What do I require when signing up for power?

We require two pieces of identification, preferably a valid driver’s license, birth certificate or Medicare card.

How much is the moving / reconnection charge?

In the event of a transfer or reconnection of power, a $39.51charge is added to your account to cover the administrative costs associated with reading and / or reconnecting the meter on the day you move in or are reconnected. Charges for reconnections after 5 p.m. start at $67.97 and depend on the time requested by the customer.

How do I get electrical service at my new home?

Your electrical contractor will need to arrange for a wiring permit through the Provincial Department of Public Safety. For safety reasons, the Department of Public Safety requires a signed permit before Saint John Energy can connect your electrical service. Once the wiring permit application is received and you have signed a contract with us, your electrical service will be installed as soon as possible, depending on your requirements. In most instances, this can be done within two working days. Click here for our online moving form.

Power Outages

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