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Saint John Energy

Customer Policies

We strive to make every customer interaction as seamless as possible, and offer you the information you need to make informed decisions about your account. To better serve you, we have outlined our customer policies below. For a complete description of our policies, read our rates and policy description.

Applying for Service

All customers applying for electrical service must complete and sign a customer service agreement prior to receipt of service.

Discontinuance of Service

Any customer wishing to have service discontinued should give Saint John Energy 48 hours’ notice.

Disconnection of Service

Saint John Energy may disconnect service for any of the following reasons:

  • Customer account is outstanding for a period of 37 days or more for residential customers and 20 days for non-residential customers.
  • Unauthorized interference with or diversion of Saint John Energy's service.
  • Refusal to grant access at reasonable times to Saint John Energy's equipment.
  • Misrepresentation of identity by the customer for the purpose of obtaining electrical service.

Disconnected Service for Six Months

Any metered service that has been disconnected and vacant for six months requires a Wiring Permit for reconnection. An electrical contractor is required to determine, and ensure, the safety and integrity of the customer’s electrical system thereby allowing SJE technicians to perform their duties in a safe working environment.

Security Deposits

A security deposit may be required prior to provision of service where the customer has not established a satisfactory credit history, the customer has been disconnected for non-payment or the customer has an outstanding account from a previous address.

Security deposits may be refunded one year from the date of payment, plus interest, provided the customer has established a satisfactory payment history. Commercial account deposits may be refunded after two years.


All information maintained by Saint John Energy concerning a customer is considered to be private and confidential and is only to be released under the following conditions:

  • To the customer upon provision of satisfactory identification.
  • To a third-party upon receipt of written authorization from the customer or pursuant to a court order.

Standard Facilities

Saint John Energy will supply the required transformation, metering and single-phase or three-phase overhead service onto private property from the existing distribution system for each permanent customer eligible for residential, general service or industrial rates.

Service length allowances for overhead line extensions shall be 30 metres.

Meter Installation

Saint John Energy will attempt to energize all normal services within 48 hours of receiving a request provided:

  • An Electrical Wiring Permit signed by the electrician has been submitted.
  • A contract has been signed by the owner of the building.
  • The meter amounts have been correctly identified.
  • The entrance is in a satisfactory location.

Customer Responsibilities

The customer is responsible for providing and maintaining the necessary service entrance and metering facilities in proper working order.

If Saint John Energy's facilities on the customer’s premises are damaged, other than through normal wear and tear (e.g. weather), the customer is responsible for the charges associated with repairing or replacing these facilities.

Power Outages

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