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Saint John Energy

Account FAQ

General Info

What is the service charge for?

The monthly service charge billed to all residential, commercial and small industrial customers. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with each account, including meter reading, billing and payment processing.

Do you accept faxes for Electrical Wiring Permits?

Saint John Energy receives all approved permits directly from the Department of Public Safety/Technical Inspections. The copy Saint John Energy receives from the department of labour is different from the signed copy that we still require from the electrical contractor; however we will accept a signed form faxed to 658-6895. We do, however, require contractors to complete a job information sheet (signed by the contractor and the owner) for all three-phase services and all single-phase services greater than 400 amps.

My meter is inside - how does Saint John Energy obtain a reading?

In the event that a customer is not at home when the meter reader comes to read an inside meter, a meter reading postcard is dropped off. You may then call in your reading to our office to ensure you are billed for the proper consumption. If this card is not returned or the reading is not called in, the consumption for the month is estimated using the best available data.

Billing Issues

I am having a difficult time making my monthly payment. What should I do?

If you are having trouble making your scheduled monthly payments, please contact our customer service department at (506) 658-5252 or toll-free at 1-877-907-5550. Our friendly, informative customer service representatives will be able to help you make payment arrangements or suggest a more convenient payment schedule or method. We’re here to help.

What about my due dates, and how can I pay my invoice?

When making payments anywhere other than our main office or authorized payment locations, please consider your invoice due date. Some methods of payment may require several days to clear your bank account or be delayed through no fault of your own or Saint John Energy's. Please see Payment Options for more detail.

Is there any special consideration for seasonal residents?

Customer accounts that are identified as "summer residents" will be read from May 1 to October 31 of each year. These accounts are invoiced the minimum customer charge during the winter months.

Power Outages

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