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Saint John Energy

About Us

Quick Facts

We have:
•    36,500 customers
•    95 full-time employees
•    750 km of distribution line (600 overhead & 150 underground)
•    22,600 poles
•    13 substations
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Our Key Partners

City of Saint John, the owner of Saint John Energy
NB Power, our wholesale energy supplier

At Saint John Energy, we are passionate about providing value to our stakeholders. Our customers, in particular, are central to every aspect of our operations as Saint John’s premier provider of energy, excellent service and value.

Our mission: We provide innovative customer-centered energy and utility solutions.

Our vision: To be recognized as an evolving energy and utility leader. 

We are owned by the City of Saint John, and accountable to our 36,500 residential, commercial and industrial customers for reliable service at rates that are among the lowest in the region. 

On average, our residential rates are 10% lower and our commercial rates are 3% lower than other utilities in New Brunswick. This is due in part to our excellent relationship with NB Power, our supplier of wholesale electricity.

Our low rates are also possible due to the specific geographic region we serve, which creates efficiencies across the board for us. Our model has allowed the City of Saint John to save about $2 million per year, and Saint John residents more than $7 million per year.

Power Outages

A dryer with a blocked lint filter can use up to 30% more energy and can be a fire hazard. Clean yours after every load.