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Our work is DEDICATED TO THE PROSPERITY of our clients!


Media ResponseSaint John Energy is pleased to partner with Canada Post to provide our customers free electronic billing! Click Here to learn more.  Saint John Energy customers that sign up for epost™ are automatically entered into a quarterly draw for a Samsung Galaxy™ Tablet!


Saint John Energy Supports National “Talk Energy Week” – Feb. 21-28



Media ResponseCustomer Alert Regarding Meter Reading!

As a result of the large amount of snowfall that has been received this year, Saint John Energy has been required to estimate more meters than normal.  The safety of our meter readers and contractors is a priority and the paths to some meters are either treacherous or impassable with potential hidden hazards. 

What does this mean to you?  If your meter has been estimated, it will be indicated on your bill.  Estimates are based on previous months and year over year consumption patterns and a best estimate is used for billing.  All efforts will be made to read your meter the following month and your actual consumption to the date of the meter reading will be reflected on your next bill.

Clearing the path to your meter for our meter readers will help ensure an actual reading is obtained for your monthly billing.

If you have any questions about your meter reading, please contact Saint John Energy at 658-5252.




Power Outages

When using your dishwasher or washing machine, run full loads. Use cold water to wash clothes.