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Our work is DEDICATED TO THE PROSPERITY of our clients!


Media ResponseBeing Prepared for Winter Emergencies

Be prepared for potential severe weather this winter and to stay safe during prolonged power outages through information on our website.

For more information on how to prepare visit:

Emergency Outage Preparedness Guide

Outage FAQ

Media Response Fraudulent Collection Activity Warning! (Dec 18, 2014)

Saint John Energy is alerting its customers to fraudulent activity being carried out by telephone from what are perceived to be 1-800 numbers in which customers are being demanded a payment by credit card or having their service disconnected within twenty to thirty minutes. These calls have so far targeted four local businesses that we are aware of and are not being made by Saint John Energy or on our behalf.

 Saint John Energy encourages its customers that if they receive such a call demanding payment or risk disconnection, that they should contact the Police Department’s Fraud Unit at 648-3333. If you are concerned with any collection activity concerning your account, please contact our Customer Service Department at 658-5252.

Media ResponseStorm Preparedness Week 2014

Saint John Energy recognizes November 17th - 21st as Storm Preparedness Week!

 Emergency Outage Preparedness Guide

 News release - Sep 2, 2014. Today, Saint John Energy reported a net profit of $100,000 in 2013 which will be reinvested back into the company's ongoing operations. Complete News Release.

2013 Annual Report Link





Power Outages

Rule of Thumb: for each degree you lower your thermostat in winter, you can save about 3% on your heating bill.